Monday, September 6, 2010

Gado-Gado, delicious cuisine from Jakarta

this lately, i find that my favourite menu to eat is Gado-Gado. When I go out and become hungry I will find a cheap and delicious food to eat by the streets of Jakarta. There are many food out there but i prefer to eat Gado-Gado. Not only cheap but it s delicious.

If you going out in the streets of Jakrta you will find many seller of Gado-gado, usually they open a stall (that the people in Indonesia called it Warung).

Actually Gado-Gado is a little bit like Salad. The food is made mostly of vegetables. Unlike Salad, the dressing of Gado-Gdo is Peanut Sauce which is made by grindding (mengulek) the fried peanuts. the grinded peanut then mix with a little bit of water to make it thick. Actually paenut sauce is used in another Indonesian Cuisine like Satay, Ketoprak, Keredok, Pecel, and many other.

The Vegetables composition for Gado-Gado usually, blanched - shredded, chopped, or sliced green vegetables like cabbae, kang-kung, bean sprouts, young boiled jack fruit, string bean, bitter melon, and corn. Gado-Gado also contain fried tofu, and Tempe, and boiled egg.

Indonesian eat Gado-Gado with rice or Ketupat (steamed rice wraped in cocnut leaves) or Lontong (a kind of steamed rice wraped in the Banana leaves). Gado-gado is always served with some kind of crackers, usually tapioca crackers, or also with Emping


  1. haha, Indonesian heritage, don't let this Indonesian cuisine taken by another nations an acknowledged as their own..