Friday, September 10, 2010

Cradle of Rome

This lately, when I got bored with my job and works, I turn to play a game That is The Cradle of Rome. This is a good game to kill your time. It is easy and enjoyable. Cradle of Rome provide an adventure to built the ancient Empire Rome. This is a match three games, which means that you are supposed to match three or more same items in a row. The game is so interesting, the developer is so creative in making an additional point to this, in actually, very simple games. just like another classic games you ever played. The objective of the game is to matching three same objects in a row to solve the puzzle. But the additional point is that the objects is the resources such as wood, stone, food, that can be used to build the City of Rome, and you will bring the ancient Empire to golden age.

You will start the story of your game from the seven hills, where there's nothing in there, and as your game developed you will start building an advancement to your City of Rome. to build your advancement, of course several resources are required, and that resources is found during the play trough matching the same resources.

In this game You'll be able to reconstruct masterpieces of Roman architecture like the Coliseum and then train the gladiators and even rebuild the Pantheon, the Temple of all the Roman Gods. As the City grows the citizens in your city will made you Emperor. And as a Head Priest you will be considered a worthy tribute! You will rise from an emerging ruler to the most powerful name before the mortals and gods. As you do this you will enter Olympus - the Home of the gods, for the new challenge!

Sound interesting? I think yes..
if you want to download it you can download from My Play City for the full version of the game.

For the requirement to play the game on your PC
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
32 Mb of video memory
DirectX 8.1
or to download the game you can just follow this link.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Download MP3 Games and Anime Sountrack

For everyone who likes to watch manga or playing Video Games. A movie or a game without music will make the film and games become insipid. And with music also we got into the mood of the situation in the movie or the game. Our feeling is drived by the music from the movie or the game. and sometimes we like and remembered the sountrack only. Like wen we playing a certain video game title, when we arrived to a certain level or place then we hear the song played, we became like the soundtrack, even when we hear the same song played but from another sources we knew in our mind what song is that.

Thats why when we like a movie or a game often looking also for the soundtrack. We look in the nearest store, or even we goggle it to download it. We ose all the search engine, and try to look in the forums. Or we will purchase it via the internet.

For many Anime and Video Games lovers who are looking for a site to download the Anime and Video Game Soundtrack for free be not worry. I was like you guy, searching in the internet to find it, and i found it. Here are several Sites that will provide you with many soundtrack for many anime and Video game Tittle. I will give you three sites.

#1 Blue Laguna
Here in blue laguna you will find several video game title soundtrack, and you can download it also for free. Several titles like Ace Combat, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, Xeno, Breath of Fire, Chrono Cross Blue laguana provide the Soundtrack, and can be downloaded for Free.
Beside Soundtracks Blue Laguna also provide some Wallpapers and FMVs and images from the game. But blue laguna only provide video game soundtrack.
if you want to go to the site, here's the link Blue Laguna

#2 Galbadia Hotel
The Second site I would like to tell you is Galbadia Hotel. In galbadia Hotel you not only will find many Video Games Soundtrack but also you will find Anime soundtracks. title such as Gundam, Cardcaptor Sakura, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and many other is there.
For everyone who have played Final fantasy VII must be aware of the name Galbadia Hotel. Yes, it is the namhe of an hotel in the game, and galbadia is a name of a country as well as a continent in the game. but funny thing is that Galbadia Hotel does not provide Final fantasy Soundtrack.
Beside soundtracks Galbadia Hotel also provide Zipped Albums, Manga, MIDIs, Sheet Music, Art Books, and emulated music.
if you want to go to the site, here is the link Galbadia Hotel.

#3 download.khinsider
The third site is download.khinsider. khinsider is Kingdom Hearts Insider, where Kingdom hearts is a game title from SquareEnix colaborated with Disney.
in this site you not only find video game soundtrack but also several Anime Soundtrack.
download.khinsider also provide wallpaper and they provide ringtones. Some file you can download it to your phone.
If you want to go to the site you can go to download.khinsider.

Here are some sites if you want to download anime and video gam soundtrac for free..

Free Downloadable Games at My Play City

it is fun to have something intersting in your PC. That is to have games to play. Now Those games can be download easily from the websites. but many of those downloadabel games is not in full version, meaning that you only given a few moments to play the games, usually 60 minutes after you instaled the game. Sounds boring to know that, if you alredy played long enough and you should stop before you can finish the game. then to make the games can be played unlimitedly you have to buy the full version.

so if you looking for the free Full version of a PC gmes, here's the site My Play City. here you can find many PC games full version ready to be download. Instal! and played the game.

there are many categories if the game. there are puzzle games, Time management games, like Farm Frenzy and Cake Shop, Hidden object games if you like to searcth hiiden things in the screen of your PC, match 3 games like Cradle of Rome. and many other type and games ready to be download the full version.

for myself I enjoyed play hidden objects games, such as Mystery of Unicorn Castle or Da Vinci files. and I also played match 3 games like Cradle of Rome.

hre again the site My Play City.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gado-Gado, delicious cuisine from Jakarta

this lately, i find that my favourite menu to eat is Gado-Gado. When I go out and become hungry I will find a cheap and delicious food to eat by the streets of Jakarta. There are many food out there but i prefer to eat Gado-Gado. Not only cheap but it s delicious.

If you going out in the streets of Jakrta you will find many seller of Gado-gado, usually they open a stall (that the people in Indonesia called it Warung).

Actually Gado-Gado is a little bit like Salad. The food is made mostly of vegetables. Unlike Salad, the dressing of Gado-Gdo is Peanut Sauce which is made by grindding (mengulek) the fried peanuts. the grinded peanut then mix with a little bit of water to make it thick. Actually paenut sauce is used in another Indonesian Cuisine like Satay, Ketoprak, Keredok, Pecel, and many other.

The Vegetables composition for Gado-Gado usually, blanched - shredded, chopped, or sliced green vegetables like cabbae, kang-kung, bean sprouts, young boiled jack fruit, string bean, bitter melon, and corn. Gado-Gado also contain fried tofu, and Tempe, and boiled egg.

Indonesian eat Gado-Gado with rice or Ketupat (steamed rice wraped in cocnut leaves) or Lontong (a kind of steamed rice wraped in the Banana leaves). Gado-gado is always served with some kind of crackers, usually tapioca crackers, or also with Emping

Saturday, September 4, 2010


ave you ever knows what the black mages are? Maybe you can easily understand what they are. They are some kind of people who can cast a spell. For people who have played Final Fantasy maybe know that black mages are a class or job in the game. Not only that, Black Mages is also a band.

Is the band having connections with Final Fantasy? Yes! Since the member of the band are the composers for the soundtrack of the game, and the composers of Square Enix, the Publisher of Final Fantasy. Maybe the name Nobuo Uematsu is familiar to Final Fantasy fans, because almost all Final Fantasy Games soundtracks were composed by him.

Black Mages itself was formed in 2002 with the personnel of the band, Nobuo Uematsu (organ), Tsuyoshi Sekito (guitar), Michio Okamiya (guitar), Kenichiro Fukui (keyboard), Keiji Kawamori (bass). And there are other member and Arata Hanyuda (drum) Their genre is instrumental Rock, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Rock, Neo Prog.

From the name we can suggest that they are arranged and played many Final Fantasy Soundtracks. That’s true. And many of the song chosen by them to be arranged and played mostly are the battle themes of Final Fantasy.

But in August 7th 2010 Nobuo Uematsu announced that the band was disbanded.
Until now Black Mages Has released three albums

The Black Mages
No. Title
1. "Battle Scene" (from Final Fantasy I)
2. "Clash on the Big Bridge" (from Final Fantasy V)
3. "Force Your Way" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
4. "Battle, Scene II" (from Final Fantasy II)
5. "The Decisive Battle" (from Final Fantasy VI)
6. "Battle Theme" (from Final Fantasy VI)
7. "J-E-N-O-V-A" (from Final Fantasy VII)
8. "Those Who Fight Further" (from Final Fantasy VII)
9. "Dancing Mad" (from Final Fantasy VI)
10. "Fight With Seymour" (from Final Fantasy X)
(donload link from Blue Laguna, Black Mages I and select the file you want to download)

The Black Mages II: The Skies Above
No. Title
1. "The Rocking Grounds" (from Final Fantasy III)
2. "Zeromus" (from Final Fantasy IV)
3. "Vamo' Alla Flamenco" (from Final Fantasy IX)
4. "Hunter's Chance" (from Final Fantasy IX)
5. "Otherworld" (from Final Fantasy X)
6. "Matoya's Cave" (from Final Fantasy I)
7. "The Man with the Machine Gun" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
8. "Maybe I'm a Lion" (from Final Fantasy VIII)
9. "Battle with the Four Fiends" (from Final Fantasy IV)
10. "The Skies Above" (from Final Fantasy X)
11. "Blue Blast — Winning the Rainbow
(donload link from Blue Laguna, Black Mages II, and select the file you want to download)

The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight
No. Title
1. "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" (from Final Fantasy VII – "Opening ~ Bombing Mission")
2. "Neo EXDEATH" (from Final Fantasy V – "The Final Battle")
3. "The Extreme" (from Final Fantasy VIII – "The Extreme")
4. "Assault of the Silver Dragons" (from Final Fantasy IX – "Assault of the Silver Dragons")
5. "KURAYAMINOKUMO" (from Final Fantasy III – "The Final Struggle")
6. "Distant Worlds" (from Final Fantasy XI – "Distant Worlds")
7. "Premonition" (from Final Fantasy VIII – "Premonition")
8. "Grand Cross" (from Final Fantasy IX – "The Final Battle")
9. "Darkness and Starlight" (from Final Fantasy VI – "Overture", "Aria di Mezzo Carattere", "Wedding Waltz~Duel")
10. "Life ~ in memory of KEITEN ~" (original track)
(donload link from Blue Laguna, Black Mages III and select the file you want to download)

Their another appearancer is in the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, where they also makin the soundtracks of the movies.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I LOVE YOU in many diferent languages

one of many spoken, yet has an deeper meaning in this world is "I Love You", we will speak this word to our loved ones, they can be, our girlfriend/boyfriend, to our mother or father, parents to their childrens, friends, and many more....

even there many type of love we can fin in our daily lives, such as, the love to our homeland, country, our love to God (without mentioning from hwat goup of religion we are belong to)..

we love our job, we love our home, school, groups, and many other, and we ofthen express thet feeling in the word "I Love you", " I love it"..

People aroun the globe wherever they are and to whatever ethnicity they belong will say this word to express their felling of love, to say "I love yo" yet in diffrerent tongues....

here's some word meaning "I love you" in many differnt languages...

Laguage I love you
Afrikaans Ek het jou lief / Ek's lief vir jou
Albanian Te dua
Aleut Txin Yaktakuq
Alsatian Ich hàb dich gär / Ich hàb lieb fir dich
Amharic እወድሻለሁ (ɨwəddɨʃalləhu - to a man)
እወድሃለሁ (ɨwəddɨhalləhu - to a woman)
Arabic (Egyptian) to a man - (ana uħibbuk) ٲنَا ٱحِبُّك
to a woman - (ana baħibbik) ٲنَا بَحَِّ
Arabic (Modern Standard) ((to female) uḥibbik / (to male) m uħibbak) أحبك
Armenian (Eastern) Սիրում եմ քեզ: (Sirum em kez)
Aromanian ti voi
Asturian quiérote
Avallaen (vüväloiek dü quuo)
Azerbaijani Mən səni sevirəm
Basque maite zaitut
Belarusian Я цябе кахаю (Ja ciabe kakhaju)
Bengali আমি আপনাকে ভালোবাসি (ami apnake bhalobashi) - frm
আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাস (ami tomake bhalobashi) - inf
আমি তোকে ভালোবাস (ami toke bhalobashi) – vinf
Bhojpuri हम तोसे प्यार करीला (ham tose pyār karila)
Bisaya Nahigugma ako kanimo
Breton karout a ran ac'hanout, da garout a ran, me az kar
Bulgarian informal
Обичам те (Običam te)
Аз обичам те(б) (Az običam teb(e))
Аз те(б)(е) обичам (Az te(b)(e) običam)
Теб(е) обичам (Teb(e) običam)
Теб(е) аз обичам (Teb(e) az običam)
Обичам теб(е) (Običam teb(e))
Теб(е) любя (Teb(e) ljubja)
Любя те (Ljubja te)
Вас обичам (Vas običam)
Обичам Ви (običam vi)
Аз Ви обичам (Az vi običam)
Аз Вас обичам (Az vas običam)
Любя Ви (Ljubja vi)
Cambodian Soro lahn nhee ah
Catalan T’estimo
Cebuano gihigugma ko ikaw
Chamorro Hu guiaya hao
Cherokee ᎬᎨᏳᎯ (gvgeyuhi)
Cheyenne Ne mohotatse
Chicehwa Ndimakukonda
Chinese 我愛你 [我爱你]
ngóh oi néih (Cantonese)
ngai oi ngi (Hakka)
wǒ ài nǐ (Mandarin)
nguh eh non (Shanghainese)
gua ai li (Taiwanese)
Cimbrian Ich liibe-dich
Comache U kamakutu nu
Cornish My a'th kar
Corsican amu tè / ti tengu caru
Cree Kisakihitin
Creol Mi aime jou
Croatian volim te
Czech miluji tě
Danish Jeg elsker dig
Dutch Ik hou van je (inf) Ik hou van jou / Ik hou van u (frm)
Efik Mmema fi
Elvish Amin mela lle (from The Lord of The Ring)
Esperanto Mi amas vin
Estonian Ma armastan sind
Ethiopian Afgreki'
Faroese Eg elski teg
Farsi Doset daram
Filipino Mahal kita
Finnish Minä rakastan sinua
Frisian Ick heb di leev
Frisian (Saterfrisian) Iek hääb die ljoo
Frisian (West) Ik hâld fan dy
French Je t'aime, Je t'adore
Friulian Ti vuei ben
Gaelic Ta gra agam ort
Galician Ámote / Quérote
Georgian მიყვარხარ (me shen miqvarkhar)
German Ich liebe dich (standard)
I Lieb di (Bayerisch)
Ig liebe di (Bernisch)
Isch habb disch libb (hessisch)
Isch han dich leev (Kölsch)
Isch liewe disch (Pfäzisch)
Ich liäbä Dich (Schwyzerdütsch)
I liab di! (Vorarlbergerisch)
Greek Σ΄αγαπώ (S’agapó) - inf / Σας αγαπώ (Sas aghapó) - frm
Greenlandic Asavakkit
Guaraní rojhayhû
Gujarati હું તને પ્રેમ કરુ છું (hūṃ tane prem karū chūṃ)
Hawaiian Aloha Au Ia ʻOe, Aloha No Au Ia ʻOe
Hebrew (Ani Ohev Otach - to woman) אני אוהב אותך
(Ani Ohevet Otcha - to man) אני אוהבת אותך
Hiligaynon Guina higugma ko ikaw
Hindi मैं तुम्हैं बहुत चाहता हुँ (Maiṅ tumhaiṅ bahut cāhatā hūṅ) m
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हुँ (Maiṅ tumse pyār kartā hūṅ) m
मैं तुम्हैं बहुत चाहता चाहती हुँ (Maiṅ tumhaiṅ bahut cāhatī hūṅ) f
मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हुँ (Maiṅ tumse pyār kartī hūṅ) f
Hmong Kuv hlub koj
Hopi Nu' umi unangwa'ta
Hungarian Szeretlek
Icelandic Ég elska þig
Ilocano Ay-ayatenka, Ipatpategka
Indonesian Saya mencintaimu / aku cinta padamu
Inuktitut ᓇᒡᓕᒋᕙᒋᑦ Nagligivagit/Nalligivagit
Iñupiaq Nakuagigikpin / Nakuagikpakpin / Piqpavagin
Irish (Gaelic) Gráím thú (I love you)
Tugaim cion duit (I give you affection)
Tá cion agam ort (I have affection for you)
Tá mé ceanúil ort (I have affection for you)
Tá grá agam duit (I have love for you)
Táim i ngrá leat (I'm in love with you)
Tá mo chroí istigh ionat (My heart is within you)
Ádhraím thú (I adore you)
Italian Ti amo
Japanese 好きです (suki desu) 好きだ (suki da)
好きだよ (suki dayo) 好きよ (suki yo)
大好きです (daisuki desu)
愛してるよ (aishiteru yo)
愛してるわ (aishiteru wa) - only said by women
Javanese aku tresnasliramu
Jèrriais J't'aime / J't'adouthe
Kannada Naanu ninna preetisuttene
Kapampangan Kaluguran daka
kazakh Мен сені сүйемін (Men seni süyemin)
Мен сені жақсы көремін (Men seni jaqsı köremin) - inf
Kirundi/Kinyarwanda Ndagukunda
Klamath moo ?ams ni stinta
Klallam nəsƛ̕éʔ cxʷ
Kiswahili Nakupenda
Konkani Tu magel moga cho
Korean 사랑해 (sarang hae)
Kurdish Ji te hez dikîm
Ladino Te amo) טי אמו
Latin Te amo
Latvian Es tevi mīlu
Lebanese Bahibak
Lithuanian Aš myliu tave
Lojban mi do prami
Low Saxon ik hou van di
Luo aheri
Luxembourgish Ech hunn dech gär / Ech si frou mat dir
Mecedonian Те сакам (Te sakam), Те љубам (Te lyubam) - inf
Ве сакам (Ve sakam), Ве љубам (Ve lyubam) - frm
Malay Saya sayang kamu / Aku cintakan kau
Malayalam ഞാന് നിന്നെ പ്രേമിക്കുന്നു (njan ninne premikkunnu)
Maltese Inħobbok / Inħobbok hafna / Jien inħobbek
Manchu Bi shimbe hairambi
Manx Ta graih aym ort
Māori Kei te aroha au ki a koe
Marathi माझ तुइयावर प्रेम आहे (Mājha tuiyāvar prem āhe)
Mi'kmaq kesalul
Mohawk Kanbhik
Mongolian Би чамд хайртай (Bi chamd khairtai)
Montagnais Tshemenuadeden (I love you) / Tsheshuenemeden (I love you a lot)
Moroccan Ana moajaba bik
Nahuatl Ni mits neki
Navaho Ayor anosh’ni
Ndebele Ngiyakuthanda
Nepali म तपाइलाइ माया गर्छु। (ma tapainlai maya garchu)
Northern Sotho ke a go rata
Norwegian Jeg elsker deg (Bokmål) Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
Occitan T'aimi. T'estimi
Old English ic lufie þe (West Saxon) ic lufie þec (Northumbrian)
Pandacan Syota na kita!!
Pangasinan Inaru Taka
Papimentu Mi ta stima bo
Persian (asheghetam) عاشقتم
used in poetry and songs - (dūset dāram) دوست دارم
Pig Latin Iay ovlay ouyay
Polish kocham cię
Portuguese amo-te, eu te amo, eu gosto de você, eu amo você
eu adoro você (I adore you)
eu tenho carinho por você (I have affection for you)
Romanian te iubesc
Russian я тебя люблю (ja teb'a l'ubl'u)
Samoan Oute alofa ia te 'oe
Scots Ah loove ye
Scottish Gaelic tha gaol agam ort
Serbian Волим те (Volim te)
Sesotho Ke a o rata
Setswana Ke a go rata
Shona Ndinokuda!
Sinhala මම ඔයාට ආදරෙයි (mama oyāṭa ādareyi)
Sign Language ,\,,/ (represents position of fingers when signing 'I Love You')
Sindhi Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
Sioux techihhila
SiSwati ngiyakutsandza
Slovak Ľúbim Ťa
Slovenian Ljubim te (m/f), Rad te imam (m) Rada te imam (f)
Somali wān ku jecelahay
Spanish Te amo / Te quiero
Swahili ninakupenda
Swedish Jag älskar dig
Swiss-German Ich lieb Di
Surinam Mi lobi joe
Tagalog Iniibig kita / Mahal Kita / Minamahal Kita
Iniirog kita (old fashioned)
Tahitian Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil நான் உன்னை காதலிக்கிறேன் (nān unnai kādhalikkiren)
Telugu నేను నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను ! (naenu ninnu praemisthunnānu!)
Thai ผมรักคุณ (phom rak khun) - m
ฉันรักคุณ (chan rak khun) - f
Tibetan ང་ཁྱེད་རང་ལ་དགའ་པོ་ཡོད་(nga kayrâng-la gawpo yö)
Tok Pisin Mi lavim yu
Tongan 'Oku ou 'ofa 'ia koe
Tsez Даьр ми йетих (Där mi yetix) >f
Даьр ми этих (Där mi etix) >m
Tshivenḓa ngiyakutsandza
Tunisian Ha eh bak
Turkish Seni seviyorum
Ukrainian Я тебе кохаю (Ja tebe kochaju)
Я тебе люблю (Ja tebe liubliu)
Urdu میں آپ سے محبت کَرتا ہوں m (mein ap say muhabat karta hoon)
میں آپ سے محبت کرتی ہوں f (mein ap say muhabat karti hoon)
Uzbek Men seni sevaman
Vietnamese Em yêu anh (>m) Anh yêu em (>f)
Volapük läfob oli
Walloon dji t'veû vol'tî
Welsh dw i'n dy garu di rwy'n dy garu di
Xhosa Ndiya kuthanda
Xitsonga ndza ku rhandza
Yiddish (Ikh hob dikh lieb) איך האָב דיך ליב
(Ikh libe dikh) איך ליבע דיך
Yorùbá Mo nifẹẹ rẹ
Zazi Ezhele hezdege
Zulu Ngiyakuthanda
Zuni Tom ho' ichema


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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