Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Downloadable Games at My Play City

it is fun to have something intersting in your PC. That is to have games to play. Now Those games can be download easily from the websites. but many of those downloadabel games is not in full version, meaning that you only given a few moments to play the games, usually 60 minutes after you instaled the game. Sounds boring to know that, if you alredy played long enough and you should stop before you can finish the game. then to make the games can be played unlimitedly you have to buy the full version.

so if you looking for the free Full version of a PC gmes, here's the site My Play City. here you can find many PC games full version ready to be download. Instal! and played the game.

there are many categories if the game. there are puzzle games, Time management games, like Farm Frenzy and Cake Shop, Hidden object games if you like to searcth hiiden things in the screen of your PC, match 3 games like Cradle of Rome. and many other type and games ready to be download the full version.

for myself I enjoyed play hidden objects games, such as Mystery of Unicorn Castle or Da Vinci files. and I also played match 3 games like Cradle of Rome.

hre again the site My Play City.

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