Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saving Time

We save. Store something at a moment in order that we could use it again in the other time. We often save anything that has its value yet we find it of no use in the moment yet we realize its value and in other time in the future we might use it. We Save because we prepare for the uncertain event that might affect our future condition.

Things that we save the most is money, or maybe the others. because in a moment we find our money in hand is exceeding our use at such moment. and in the future we think that we definitely need the money, therefore we save the money. the same goes to the other things, food, clothing, and others.

but there is one thing that we can not save. Time. why we cant save it? because time after it comes it will fly away, therefore no one could ever had an ability or power to save it. we can not, definitely can't, store a moment of time in order to use it in the other moment. Once it come. the it will fly again.

therefore it is wise to use every moment we get, we have, we obtain. once it comes there never be the same time back to us. it maybe a certain condition might come that similar to the flown time we once had, but the last one will be totally different. it is wise to use any moment.