Sunday, March 23, 2014


So after the adventure of Edward Kenway in the Assassin’s Creed Black IV Flag, here comes the next Adventure of the Assassin’s Order, The Assassin’s Creed Unity. As a fan of the series I am excited to wait for this new game.

Assassin's Creed Unity

So far there are not much information that we can get from this new adventure. Ubisoft just released a Teaser Trailer from the Next Game. The Trailer depicts some clues that can give a little insight for the background of the nest game. From the relaier we can we can see an empty streets and a mob gathering in front of the Notre Dame, and the crowd was waiting for an execution for someone with a guillotine clearly suggest that the background of the game shall take place in France during the French Revolution. In the trailer also we can see a man in a hood that is typical of Assassins outfit, this maybe would become the playable assassin for the Assassin’s Creed Unity. Then the trailer is ended with the guillotine.

The Assassin and the crowd and gulotine 
The teaser also confirms that Assassin’s Creed Unity will released around December 2014, and will be Available for PS4, XBOX ONE, and Personal Computer.

Here are the Teaser Trailer for the Assassin’s Creed Unity. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Greatest Change

Perhaps from all the songs and the event in the Avatar the Legend of Korra Book 1, the event right in the end of the last episode of Book 1 is the best. Actually I am a fan of the series since the series began from the Avatar the Last Airbender the Legend of Aang. The story of this series offer us another kind of a story to enjoy. Unlike no other story, the story tells a lot about spirituality, and that’s what is so rare for a cartoon. Moreover the story is having Asian background, and many elements of the story are Chinese Asian elements.

Avatar Korra Overlooking the Republic City
Korra Overlooking the Republic City
 The story of the series are actually telling about a person who is having a title as an Avatar. The Avatar is told to be a bridge of two worlds, the spirit world and the physical world. The world is separated long time ago and only the Avatar that can cross to the spirit world from the physical world. The Avatar is having a duty to maintain peace in the two worlds. The Avatar is told to be immortal though a person as an avatar can eventually grow old and died. When an Avatar is died its spirit will reincarnate to another person, the next Avatar.

In the story people can manipulate elements, such ability is called bending. There are four elements that can be bent, i.e.: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Normal people can only bend one element but for the Avatar he/she the only one that can bend all four elements, thus this ability will determine whether a person an Avatar or not.

In the story of The Legend of Korra, there’s an Avatar named Korra, a girl. Just like another Avatar she must be trained to become a Fully Realized Avatar. An Avatar needs to be trained to be a Fully Realized Avatar, because an Avatar, though he/she can master all the elements and having great strength, is not having that ability right from the day of its birth. In the case of Korra, as a member of the Water Tribes, she was born the ability of water bending, the only special thing is that she is already able to bend also Fire and Earth since her childhood, which made her parents realized that Korra is the Avatar.

However just like another Avatar, there’s always an element that is so hard to be mastered. Like Avatar Aang, he is from the Air Nomads and his element is Air, and the element that is so hard to be mastered for Aang is Earth. For Korra it is Air, because of Korra is lack connection to spiritual side of the Avatar and bending. In Her training Korra is taught by an airbender named Tenzin, who is a son of the previous Avatar before Korra, which is Aang.

In the Book One of the Legend of Korra, the story tells that there is a rebellious movement in Republic City. The movement is leaded by a person named Amon. Amon is having an ability to remove a bending ability from someone. Such ability is so frightful for many benders because if a bender lost its bending ability he/she might become so powerless, and this what makes Korra so frightened throughout the Book 1. She knows that Amon intends to eradicate bending form the world, it is also means that Amon in the end will take Korra bending ability, since she is the Avatar. When Amon is success in doing that, it means that Amon can rule the world, and Korra will fail to become an Avatar.

And the story goes, in the last episode of Book 1 Korra finally face Amon. There’s a fierce battle between Korra and Amon. However, Amon in the battle Amon manage to take away Korra bending ability but since Korra just only masters 3 elements, and she is not yet able to bend Air, she loose her ability to bend fire, Earth and Water. After Amon manage to take away Korra Bending Ability Amon continues to beat Korra intends to finish her. But a desperate attempt by Korra to punch Amon results in a miraculous things, that Korra can create an air punch to Amon, which means that Korra finally can bend the Air. Then Finally Korra defeat Amon with her airbending ability by punch Amon out of a building and Amon thrown into the sea. After Amon is thrown to the sea his cover is blown and the people and his follower realized that Amon is a conspirator that wants to rule the Republic City and he is also a waterbender, because after he is thrown in to the sea he uses his waterbending ability to come out of the water, and then he flees.

Though Korra can bend the Air however her other bending ability is gone. Therefore, after the battle Korra seeks restoration to her other bending ability, so Korra and the team seek the best healer Katara, a waterbender and also a widow of Aang. From this point actually the event is accompanied with the song titled Greatest Change composed by Jeremy Zuckerman, where it starts with a sad tune to accompany the desperation feels of the story. Though Katara is the best healer, she is unable to restore Korra’s bending ability to Fire, Water and Earth.

Seeing this situation, Korra become desperate and she runs away. Her boyfriend at that time, Mako, tried to comfort Korra saying that shes is the Avatar but Korra in desperation denies it and says that she has failed to be an Avatar, the she left. Korra runs with her animal polar bear dog mate until she arrives on a ledge of an ice cliff. There she weep and her tear drops, then she cries. When she cries a person wearing an airnomad monk outfit appears to her, she thinks that the person is Tenzin. She talks to the person that she wants to be alone. The person soon replies to Korra that Korra called him here. Korra shocked, and she look the person and realized that the person is actually Avatar Aang. 

Avatar Aang said that Korra is finally connected to her spiritual side. Form this point the musich changed from the sad tune to a more serene tune. Korra confused of how she can become connected to the spiritual side since all this time Korra is having difficulty to try to connect to the spiritual side. Then Aang said to Korra with a great statement “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the Greatest Change”. After that, all the previous Avatar appears and Aang put his hands on Korra, and meditate on Korra. After that Aang and all the previous Avatars disappeared.

Greatest Change - Aang

As Korra opens her eyes with her eyes shining the music changes from a sad tune to a tune that full of spirit. Korra enters into the Avatar State, for the first time since her story began, which also means that Korra now is the Fully Realized Avatar. In the Avatar State Korra now able to bend the four elements, this makes laa her bending recovered. And she returned to her normal state.

The story then continue that Korra recover Lin Beifong’s earthbending ability which was taken by Amon. Thus the Legend of Korra Book 1 ends with Korra as the Fully Realized Avatar. Great Story and also a great inspiration from the the story.

below is the video found on youtube for the event Korra meet Aang and enters into Avatar State.