Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Download MP3 Games and Anime Sountrack

For everyone who likes to watch manga or playing Video Games. A movie or a game without music will make the film and games become insipid. And with music also we got into the mood of the situation in the movie or the game. Our feeling is drived by the music from the movie or the game. and sometimes we like and remembered the sountrack only. Like wen we playing a certain video game title, when we arrived to a certain level or place then we hear the song played, we became like the soundtrack, even when we hear the same song played but from another sources we knew in our mind what song is that.

Thats why when we like a movie or a game often looking also for the soundtrack. We look in the nearest store, or even we goggle it to download it. We ose all the search engine, and try to look in the forums. Or we will purchase it via the internet.

For many Anime and Video Games lovers who are looking for a site to download the Anime and Video Game Soundtrack for free be not worry. I was like you guy, searching in the internet to find it, and i found it. Here are several Sites that will provide you with many soundtrack for many anime and Video game Tittle. I will give you three sites.

#1 Blue Laguna
Here in blue laguna you will find several video game title soundtrack, and you can download it also for free. Several titles like Ace Combat, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, Xeno, Breath of Fire, Chrono Cross Blue laguana provide the Soundtrack, and can be downloaded for Free.
Beside Soundtracks Blue Laguna also provide some Wallpapers and FMVs and images from the game. But blue laguna only provide video game soundtrack.
if you want to go to the site, here's the link Blue Laguna

#2 Galbadia Hotel
The Second site I would like to tell you is Galbadia Hotel. In galbadia Hotel you not only will find many Video Games Soundtrack but also you will find Anime soundtracks. title such as Gundam, Cardcaptor Sakura, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and many other is there.
For everyone who have played Final fantasy VII must be aware of the name Galbadia Hotel. Yes, it is the namhe of an hotel in the game, and galbadia is a name of a country as well as a continent in the game. but funny thing is that Galbadia Hotel does not provide Final fantasy Soundtrack.
Beside soundtracks Galbadia Hotel also provide Zipped Albums, Manga, MIDIs, Sheet Music, Art Books, and emulated music.
if you want to go to the site, here is the link Galbadia Hotel.

#3 download.khinsider
The third site is download.khinsider. khinsider is Kingdom Hearts Insider, where Kingdom hearts is a game title from SquareEnix colaborated with Disney.
in this site you not only find video game soundtrack but also several Anime Soundtrack.
download.khinsider also provide wallpaper and they provide ringtones. Some file you can download it to your phone.
If you want to go to the site you can go to download.khinsider.

Here are some sites if you want to download anime and video gam soundtrac for free..

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