Friday, September 10, 2010

Cradle of Rome

This lately, when I got bored with my job and works, I turn to play a game That is The Cradle of Rome. This is a good game to kill your time. It is easy and enjoyable. Cradle of Rome provide an adventure to built the ancient Empire Rome. This is a match three games, which means that you are supposed to match three or more same items in a row. The game is so interesting, the developer is so creative in making an additional point to this, in actually, very simple games. just like another classic games you ever played. The objective of the game is to matching three same objects in a row to solve the puzzle. But the additional point is that the objects is the resources such as wood, stone, food, that can be used to build the City of Rome, and you will bring the ancient Empire to golden age.

You will start the story of your game from the seven hills, where there's nothing in there, and as your game developed you will start building an advancement to your City of Rome. to build your advancement, of course several resources are required, and that resources is found during the play trough matching the same resources.

In this game You'll be able to reconstruct masterpieces of Roman architecture like the Coliseum and then train the gladiators and even rebuild the Pantheon, the Temple of all the Roman Gods. As the City grows the citizens in your city will made you Emperor. And as a Head Priest you will be considered a worthy tribute! You will rise from an emerging ruler to the most powerful name before the mortals and gods. As you do this you will enter Olympus - the Home of the gods, for the new challenge!

Sound interesting? I think yes..
if you want to download it you can download from My Play City for the full version of the game.

For the requirement to play the game on your PC
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
32 Mb of video memory
DirectX 8.1
or to download the game you can just follow this link.

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