Monday, July 11, 2011

new establishment Vinum-et-Oleum

after a long time , i finally can open my new blog. my next blog i gave the title Vinum-et-Oleum.

in my second blog i dedicated my blog for my philosophies, what is in my mind, and many others about myself. I want to share a few things that is in my mind to many people, hope that will also bring blessing to other people. My thoughts and writing give good impact for many people.

I give he title Vinum-et-Oleum because, because first that I want that Vinum-et-Oleum become my slogan. Second, that in that phrase is contained a deep meaning of "unbreakable","untouched by harm".

So just like the title I want that Vinum-et-Oleum give impact to everyone to make them become unbreakable.

Please visit Vinum-et-Oleum

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